Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Schoolmate Wedding...
Sunday is for lazing around.. memang best... but just for awhile.. BIla my two kids dah bangun terus dikejutkan mama and babahnye.. huhuhu.. There goes my hari bermalas-malasan.. 
In the morning we have breakfast with my mum, sis and bro at Haslam. Lepas tu singgah my parent's house and lepak there. Lama tak p rumah parents sendiri padahal dekat je pun.. 
In the evening we attend wedding me and my hubby's schoolmate. Plan nak pergi awal but end up sampai lambat jugak.. Mujur tak sampai time catering dah nak kemas2.. hohoho. Auni and 'Aariez enjoyed their time there.. Dapat kawan main belon.. aaaannnddd... Dapat makan aiskrim... 
This is 'Aariez eating ice-cream..dengan idung2 skali makan wokeh... hahaha.. pic Auni tak sempat nak tangkap...

Tu jela weekend kami.. BYE...

Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday.. We meet again...
Since Friday is a 2 hours break, so I can write something in my blog :) Kenapa tak keluar? SOOO... Lazy.. Lunch pun tapau je makan kat ofis. Awal2 dulu rajin p makan kt kedai but now I prefer to just tapau and spend my lunch hour in the office.. 

Today I left my handset in the car. So this entry would have no pic. Sorry guys. Now my lil' boy dah pandai merajuk.. lambat sikit buat susu, dia dah lari2 marajuk.. hahaha... so sweet.. tapi kekadang geram je mama nye kat dia... 

My lil' girl pulak always with her statement, she wants something like baju pink sebab pink untuk girl.. hehehe.. macam2 ragam anak2 mama ni.. She'll always asking what day is today sebab she's counting the day till saturday and sunday.. WEEKEND... alasan.. taska tutup so tak perlu p taska :pOkay.. 

Enough celoteh for today... till next time, or shall I say till next Friday, Insya allah... :)

Friday, November 21, 2014

It's Friday.... YEay!!
Friday.. I'm loving it... weekend is around the corner.. Kak Auni went to JB with my parents and two sis for three days (Monday till Wednesday). Dia punya la excited dari awal2 bagitau lagi.. Siap nangis sebab lambat lagi nak pergi.. Ok.. my fault for breaking the news too early.. MAma dia pun excited gak nak bgtau..huhuhu..

My parents came by and pick Auni on Sunday.. So my lil' girl slept one night at her atuk and nenek's house.. Mama dia kejap2 whatsapp tanya Auni ok ke tak.. hehehe.. RIsau... but she's doing just fine.. :) 

Early Monday morning my parents, two sis and Auni bertolak ke JB. Kat bawah ni pic Auni di rumah peranginan TNB in JB..  

 Pic bawah ni kak Auni at Hello Kitty Town.. Mama dapat tengok gambar jela.. nak pergi cuti tinggal sikit.. Hoho..

  On Tuesday my parents and two sis along with Auni went to LEGOLAND... Ci Auni memang lama dah minta mau pergi LEGOLAND.. Setiap kali iklan Legoland muncul kt TV kot kata nak p sana.. Setiap kali juga kami kata, tnggu kak Auni besar sikit ye.. Last2 p dengan Atuk Nenek.. hehehe..

  Ni pic kak Auni dengan Atuk Nenek
a.k.a my parents..

 Ni lak Auni tengah drive a lego car..

 Not much that I can share except for pictures since I'm not there with her. Yang pasti she's having alot of fun..

And this is the last pic of Auni having breakfast before heading back home... Milo ais and karipap...

 After work I went straight to my parents's house to pick up Auni.. Dari mula Auni nampak Mama dia tak berhenti2 dia cerita her lil' journey to LEGOLAND.. hehehe... Masuk kereta sambung cerita kt Babah dia lak.. She even suruh babah and mama nye pergi sana to experience it ourself.. What an enjoyable journey of my lil' girl to LEGOLAND. Sapa yang dengar mesti teruja nak p sana jugak :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's Been Awhile..

 Assalamualaikum semua.. Yup2.. it's been awhile since my last entry.. Last year kot.. Memang lama betul.. And now I'm a mother of two already.. Yes.. Auni dah jadi kakak.. hohoho...

Memang masa sekarang ni cepat betul berlalu... From days turn into months.. then before you know it, its a year already.. It's a hectic day for me everyday.. tak menang tangan melayan my two darlings.. 

 Eh.. lupa lak kan.. Auni dapat a baby brother name 'Aariez Saifullah.. he's one year 3 months... dah setahun dah ye.. So.. here's Auni and 'Aariez not so latest pic (bukan senang nak amik gambar budak2 ni. Suka lari2 sana sini)...

 Auni Qistina..

and latest edition to our small family..

'Aariez Saifullah..

 That's all for today.. Break time pun dah habis.. Till then....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lost Count...
I think I've lost count the last time I write in my Blog.. Mak ai.. Punya la lama sampai rasa dah bertahun-tahun.. I'm just so caught up with family and work right now.. My lil' princess Auni Qistina pun dah 2tahun this year.. How time flies fast.. 

Dah lama tak menulis sampai tak tau nak start dari mana.. For this post I have no pic of Auni to upload.. Wait for my next post.. Tata~

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Its been awhile..
Alhamdulillah I'm still given the chance to write for my blog.. Yup.. I know.. Its been awhile since my last entry.. Memang sudah lama tak ber'blog'... During weekday I don't have time to view my blog and weekend also full of other things to do.. Since my lil Auni sudah lelapkan mata, I curi2 masa untuk buka my long-but-not forgotten-blog :)

Its been awhile too that I take lots of pics of lil Auni.. huhuhu.. So no new pics of lil Auni to upload this time.. Okay guys.. got to go.. till next time... Tata~

Saturday, September 8, 2012

2 Weeks!!!
O.M.G.. Its already been 2 weeks since my last entry.. Lama betul.. That shows how fast the time flies.. Its been a super busy plus hectic weeks for me for the past 2 weeks.. I even lunch at the desk while doing work (gaya bunyi cam rajin sangat je kan.. tapi apekan daya, banyak keje.. hoho).. I'm still in the learning process and trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible (walaupun kekadang trasa cam kura2 je.. orang lain semua buat keje cepat je.. huhuhu).. Anyway, enough of me babbling about my working life.. 

Last week was an enjoying week since Friday is a public holiday, so three days I get to spend it with my hubby and lil Auni.. There was so many invitation for open house that we didn't manage to go all due to time.. Sorry ye kengkawan yang jemput tapi kami tak dapat datang.. Hope to meet you guys later..

On Saturday morning, the three of us had breakfast at KFC while waiting for the car to be serviced at the workshop. 

It was a long wait but luckily lil Auni can survive through it... Here's a few pics of lil Auni while eating.. Susah nak tangkap pic dia sebab ini budak tak reti duduk diam.. hehehe..