Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Berbuka with family..
Yesterday we planned 'berbuka puasa' together with my family and sempena my sis's birthday that fall on 29th July which unfortunately everyone have their own things to do so postpone sehari.. hehehe.. After a quick break of fasting with kurma, cakoi and a few cookies and perform the Maghrib prayer, me and family was off to have dinner outside.. 

Upon arriving to the targeted place, we chose a table with a comfy chairs... What a coincidence.. the table is no. 29... The same number as my sis birthday date 29th July... After ordering the food we were chatting away.. Mujur lil Auni tak banyak ragam since she was not feeling well yesterday.. cian dia.. dah petang2 sikit demam pulak... Sambil borak2 I manage to snap a few pics of Auni :) 

Ini budak mana reti duduk diam2... sekejap ke kanan.. kejap ke kiri... So, taking her pics now are sooooo challenging.. 

At last dapat gak satu pic of Auni sitting still...  

To my sis aka Maklang Auni.. Selamat Hari Lahir... No birthday cake this year.. muffin je ada.. hehehe...

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Morning..
Assalamualaikum and Good Morning Guys.. I have arrived at the office around half an hour ago.. My e-mail dah check... Now its time to start doing my work.. Let's change to 2nd gear and get a move on.. 

Anyway, Happy Monday to everyone ~

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Its Saturday morning..
Assalamualaikum and happy Saturday guys.. 

Awal2 pagi ni time to do house chores.. dah settle house chores baru la senang hati nak kuar jenjalan.. my baby girl n hubby still asleep.. sekarang ni ci Auni pun rajin bangun sahur temankan me and hubby.. tapi dia tak makan pun.. hehehe.. she'll be playing while watching tv..

 Since she woke up really early, I gave her an early morning shower.. mujur ada hot water kalau tak sure dah menjerit2 ci auni.. Dah dapat mandi and susu for sure la Auni akan sambung tido sampai la kami angkat dia untuk ke rumah nenek.. 

Same goes for today, Auni dah mandi awal2 tadi and now she's taking her beauty sleep :) Me?? dah settle house chores so buka laptop and tengok my blog.. I came across this cute cartoon.. Angry bird.. Klakar la pulak.. 

To my friends and family.. Happy fasting....

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday, lunch hour..
Lunch hour on the first of Friday in Ramadhan.. Not much activity since I need to save my energy for the rest of the hours before the breaking of fast.. Its a bit quiet in the office since all the guys when out for Friday prayer and a few others are out too.. The time pass by so fast today.. 


After lunch there'll be around 3 more hours till home time.. and.. and.. weekend is around the corner.. Suka nye~ Can't wait to bring Auni jejalan.. She just love when someone bring her for a walk.. Nenek dia pun cakap.. "Auni ni kalau dah dapat jejalan tak mau nye kena pegang.. kalau boleh nak lari aje".. hehe... Lagi satu kalau jumpe kucing.. she'll make a sound konon nak panggil kucing tu but once the cat approach her, she'll run away.. That's my Auni.. sungguh mencuit hati :)
Happy 1st Birthday Iman..
30 Jun lepas was my friend's daughter's 1st birthday.. After attending a wedding reception the three of of us set off to Shikin's house.. It didn't take long since its not far from the wedding reception we attended. 

Upon arriving Shikin's house, lil Auni had fallen asleep. Biasala.. masuk keta je terus lelap.. a lot of guest have arrived there.. kami pun masuk and join the others.. elok je jejakkan kaki dalam rumah Shikin, ci Auni pun celik mata and... finding so many kids playing around.. ape lagi.. dia pun xcitedla nk join skali.. 

Sorryla ye.. dah xcited mna nk pandang camera kn.. so dapat pic tang belakang Auni jela ye :p Birthday girl was so well behaved... duduk diam2 sambil menyambut tetamu...

 Hai everyone.. This is adik Iman.... eh... kakak to-be :) Baik je dia duduk while her parents greets the guests... This is a pic when the guest are singing birthday song to Iman.. Happy birthday Iman dear.. setahun sudah.. the last time I met her was masa 'dalam pantang'...

And this is 'shame shame tak malu' pic of Auni surveying adik Iman's birthday present... hahaaa :p

 Ni pun pic 'shame shame tak malu' Auni playing with Iman's birthday present.. 

unfortunately, I didn't manage to snap a lot of pic due to ci Auni yang sibuk nak godek camera.. After eating and playing ( that goes to Auni), kami pun minta diri pulang.. Hope to see Shikin and Iman again soon... 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Please go away Mr S..
Mr S is here.. Please go away Mr S.. can't stand it when you are around.. My work also can't be done... (-__-) ZZzzz

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Quote of the day...

A thing well done is worth doing...

True.. True... That quote are so true.. If you do something very well or beyond expectation surely you'll be motivated to do other work too..

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend at Titiwangsa..
A few Saturday back, me and Hubby bring our lil' Auni for a morning walk at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa... Auni really love exploring the surrounding so when we bring her for a walk she'll enjoyed it very much.. Auni's first time experiencing the slide.. The first two pic taken by hubby. I waited at the bottom of the silde :)

Second try of taking Auni playing the slide by me.. Memula nampak la Auni n Babah.. Then tak sempat snap a pic of Auni going down the slide.. Tau2 dah sampai bawah.. So dapatla tang badan ke bawah je.. Nak buat camne.. the slide was a small one :p

My first day..
Its nearly 3 weeks I started my on job training and today baru nak citer my first day at the office.. dah hampir2 luput dek masa dah tapi nak citer gakla.. I was a bit nervous that day and do not know what to expect what will happen.. I went by lrt star and exchange to lrt putra.. 

Luckily I met Huda at the station and we walk together.. In the morning me and other newcomers were given a short brief on the company and its 'rules and regulations'.. We were also given a briefing on safety by the safety engineer. 

So officially I have an access card as a trainee... I also have a cubicle for myself.. Since my department secretary, Kak Ina is very efficient, I got a whole set of stationary too... Ta daaa~

Ramadhan is Here..
Okay2.. I agree.. Its already the 4th day of Ramadhan and I only got the chance to write the 1st entry for this week.. huhu.. Today is the 2nd day of fasting at the office.. Everyone are coming early to work since they want to go back early. 

At my work place, its flexi hour for the time you come in.. If you come in at 7am then you'll go back at 415pm.. but if you come in at 9am then you'll go back at 615pm.. So you can plan your working hour and your time to go home.. Bagus tak.. ramai jugak yang masuk at 7am okay.. but they usually go back home a little later coz they do OT.. tapi balik lambat pun sama je cam orang yang datang lambat..  
 Okayla.. Got to go.. Mau sambung buat keje.. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday is here..
There's not much to say but :) *SMILE*... Weekend is around the corner and the start of a fasting month is just a few hours away... Hope I can get through this eventhough still breastfeeding my lil' Auni.. 

To mommies out there, kuatkan semangat during fasting month and you and your baby Insya allah can get through Ramadhan just fine :) remember!!! don't skip your sahur coz it'll give you strength for the rest of the day (a reminder for myself too.. kena letak bebanyak alarm ni.. )

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Its 430 already..
OMG.. Its 430pm already.. I'm taking a 5 minutes break kejap.. So its a chance to peek at my blog and write one entry for today :P a very short hai hai bye bye entry.. 

Anyway, got to go.. want to continue doing work.. Chaiyok2 :)
a Wet Morning..
Its raining early in the morning today and the weather is kinda cold with the cool breeze outside.. Luckily we have water heater at our new home.. Its nice if I can cuddle up in the comforter but my responsibility as an employee is yet to be done.. 

Lil Auni pun sempat breakfast with her Babah before going to her nenek's.. Now my lil girl dah tak nangis bila diletakkan dengan neneknya.. Time ambil pun she will give a big smile welcoming me home..

To my baby girl.. Hepi 18 Months old my lil princess :) besar dah baby dara Mama and Babah ni~

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Its lunch time...
While waiting for my friend, Huda I'll write the first entry for today... Cam biasa I 'tapau' my lunch from home.. That's one way to reduce the 'cash flow' during weekdays.. Not to say that I'm a good cook but it'll do for my taste bud :p

Anyway, Have a good lunch guys and enjoy!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Morning walk @ Taman Tasik Perdana..
Last Sunday me and hubby took our lil Auni to Taman Tasik Perdana for morning walk.. Its been a long time since I went to the park.. I think the last time I went there was way back during my school years and its the first time Auni jejak kan kaki dia di sana..

 It seems greener there than Taman Tasik Titiwangsa.. So we started to walk and explore around the park.. Auni enjoyed walking on the jogging track.. jogging and walking her own pace.. Sebab sibuk nak pegang bekas camera, kejap2 cangkung kat jogging track :P 

Sempat jugak bergambar di sana.. Babah tangkapkan pic kat bawah ni.. I <3 it~

Just for Laugh..
Something I came across just now.. Come and take 5 to release stress..
Kalau binatang ada facebook, agak-agak apa status mereka?

NYAMUK : Baru habis ronda rumah Ajoi… kenyang burp, Alhamdulillah…

CICAK : isteriku tersepit pintu!

KUCING BETINA: “Anak I yang ke-5 baru tanya siapa bapaknya. I bingung nak jawab apa. I sendiri lupa bapaknya siapa.”

AYAM : Kawan2…kalu esok guwe tak update…bererti guwe udah di goreng….I luv u all… jangan luper wat kenduri arwah untuk I yaa

NYAMUK: Siot, sekali drug addict gua hantam. Gua positif HIV AIDS… uwaaaaaaa

KUCING: Baru je add awek sebelah umah… keturunan PARSI beb!!!

ANJING:hari ni aku takde suara.alaahh tuan aku bukan kisah pun.dia je tdo aku kena jaga umah dia.rumah kecik bajet ada orang nak masuk,hampeh btul!!malam ni aku nak tdo puas2 haha.

IKAN EMAS:bilala bley makan mknn yg sedap skit.asyik2 biji2 kecik warna warni tu je kasik.hello,i muak okeyyyy!!

KATAK:harap2 malam ni hujan,lama btul x main air hujan,rinduuuu~~

KAMBING:gatalnya badan ni,hmm japgi la mandi.malasla plak ngeee~

BABI : Aku bengang btol la…die gi pijak taik kucing tapi nama aku yang

disebutnye…wei bro! len kali siasat dlu la sape yang berak kt depan umah kaw… tension2!!

a Wet Evening..
Just notice that its raining outside.. Duduk dalam office tak sedar langsung ape berlaku kat luar.. Tinggal bom tak meletup je.. Nak kata khusyuk buat keja maybe la kot :p anyhow syukur alhamdulillah we are still given the chance to see rain. Kalau panas je memanjang pun nanti surely you'll feel uncomfortable kan..

This is a job for Mr U.. Mr umbrella akan jadi peneman time balik nanti :)
Can and  Can not...
What I can do at the office are opening my blog but what I can not do are opening my facebook... Tak dapat nak buat apela kan.. Its been block by the IT people.. Atleast boleh jugak ber'internet' dari kena banned terus dari menggunakannya :p

Now I realize that every time I write an entry it surely getting shorter and shorter... Dah macam summary jela kan.. Pictures memang dah kurang letak. Sorry for you guys yang suka tengok pic.. Okla.. Got to go.. lunch time dah nak tamat.. Tata~
Lunch Time...
Just had my lunch with Huda and Sarah (practical student from UIA) both from process department.. The three of us had our lunch in the pantry.. senang.. tak ramai orang :) Air pun free je..hehehe
Today is the 1st day masuk office for this week. Yesterday I went to a one day seminar in Kuala Lumpur.. Macamla jauh sangat kan.. hehehe.. Since hari ni baru masuk office, speed untuk buat keje macam hari Isnin punya speed.. Slow.. 

Now I'm taking a 'take 5' break jap.. dah berpinar mata tengok PC.. ape2 pun.. to my friends out there yang speed buat keje cam I gak.. chaiyok2 :)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Good Morning Guys.. Its Friday again.. Mesti semua dok mengira masa untuk balik kan.. tunggu dulu.. banyak lagi keje perlu disiapkan before going home today.. E-mail dah check and before start keja nak write one entry dulu :p Getting my fingers warm up for more work.. 

In the evening I'll have a short project meeting. that's surely will kills the time already. Hope I'll have more input for the coming project, Insya allah. 

Anyway, I've got to go now.. Mau buat keje.. Tata~

Thursday, July 12, 2012

a Sunny evening..
Just finished meeting with the vendor.. Good thing my boss tag along too. I'm involve with a project but I'm still in the 'blur' area.. I felt grateful for getting a good boss. In the process of learning I need to catch up with others so that I'm not left out. 

Yela.. I'm the only newbies in the department.. tengok drawings pun boleh 'blur'... Tu belum berurusan dengan vendor.. but its okay.. learning is fun :) 

P.s : you guys must be wondering why the title of the entry somehow not related to the content kan.. hahaha.. well.. from my office window the weather outside seems nice and sunny.. So the title pun jadi la a sunny evening :)
Its Thursday already..
Time do fly so fast.. Its Thursday already.. and tomorrow is Friday.. Then weekend comes again... Luckily yesterday and this morning I'm more productive in doing work.. dah lama tak keje I've lost my speed.. 

It takes me awhile to get use to working and juggling with house chores and rumah yang tak siap2 lagi repair.. dok under construction je.. tak tau la bila nye akan siap.. Alhamdulillah our new place is as comfortable as our house back in Kajang..Walaupun kecik tapi sesuai untuk kami bertiga :)
Take 5 from my work and filling it with writing an entry for my blog.. Anyway guys.. Got to go.. Till my next entry.. BYE!!!! 
an Evening walk...
A few weekend before when we still living in Kajang-Bangi, we took Auni for a walk at the park.. This is what her reaction to the grass.. geli!!! Klakar la anak Mama and Babah nie.. Rumput pun dia geli...

But thats just for awhile.. after that she's running around the park and on the grass too.. hehehe.. tinggal la mama and babah terkejar dia... Thats how to keep slim :p

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blog oh Blog..
Its lunch hour here.. So I'm taking a peek at my blog.. Okay.. Sudah lama tidak update a new entry.. uhuhu.. A hectic weekday so I do not have time to open my laptop.. and my entry have no pics.. sangat membosankan the way I see it.. Tak sempat nak upload pics.. next time okay.. anyway.. got to go.. till then..

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Its still early in the morning when I woke up just now.. Since tak boleh nak lelapkan balik mata so ape lagi.. sambung mendobi pakaian yang banyak.. chaiyok2.. With all the chaos last weekend alot of work can not get done.. There's still alot of unpacking need to be done  (-_-") 

*my Home Sweet Home*

Friday, July 6, 2012

Week ends..
In less than 3 hours the week will end.. Weekend is coming.. Lots of things need to be done this weekend.. like.. get my stuff unpack and finish off the unfinished job last week.. 

Rumah pun dah tak rupa rumah sebab separuh siap.. Cam rumah under construction dah..hoho.. that all for this entry.. got to go... Till then :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nasi Goreng Seafood..
Just had my lunch and what I can say is my lunch was expensive.. I repeat again.. EXPENSIVE.. Fried rice can reach up to RM6.50.. OMG.. Its only mamak's.. Baru ingat nak jimat2 sikit but unfortunately I can't.. Maybe I need to think of another alternative to save money.. 
Assalamualaikum and good morning guys.. Its been awhile since I last updated my blog.. Now my supermom ability really puts to the test since I have started working this week.. Me Hubby and lil Auni reached home around seven something and now I get to spend around four to five hours with lil Auni after work.. 

Its challenging juggling all the house chores before and after work with Auni also wanted attention.. Sian dia.. dahla kena tinggal masa mama keja then after work pun mama kalut buat keja rumah..I need to try harder to divide time for everything.. Yup.. Kena cuba jadi a better supermom :) Alhamdulillah today Auni did not cry when sending her to Ibu.. Hope she'll get use to the new environment fast, Insya allah..

Monday, July 2, 2012

Auni with Nenek..
Today is my first day working after a few years as a housewife and hubby's first day working at a new office and lil Auni's first day with Nenek.. In simple words.. Today are our first day of a new journey.. Alhamdulillah the three of us manage to go through the first day.. Hope tomorrow we will do better, Insya allah :)