Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dusty blog..
Its been awhile since I last write an entry... I didn't really have time to open my laptop since I was cope up with the packing and cleaning my existing home.. Today me hubby and lil Auni will be moving our things out of our 'Home Sweet Home'.. 

There's a lot of sweet memories here.. I've been living with my hubby since the first day after our wedding day.. Then our lil Auni was born.. till today.. Eventhough its not big yet not that small, but its just nice for the three of us.. 

For our future we decided to move to another house and that house will be our 'Home Sweet Home' :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Its a hectic week for me and hubby since we need to get everything pack and move to our new home before this Friday.. Our current home now also need some 'touch up' before the tenant move-in this Friday.. Not sure if I can say half of our things are pack but we are getting there.. I think.. nearly.. Hopefully..

My lil Auni is fast asleep right now.. She skip her morning nap so now she's taking her evening nap.. Penat la tu bermain dari pagi tadi.. 

Anyway, I need to continue with the packing.. Till then.. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Assalamualaikum and good morning guys.. How's your weekend? had a good time with friends and family? My weekend was a busy one... Me and hubby got some of our stuff packing in the the box.. Finally.. but still ada barang yang tak di packing lagi.. OMG.. banyak pulak la barang kan.. ingatkan tak banyak.. 

Anyway, Happy Monday to all!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Still Awake...
Unfortunately I'm still wide awake.. Don't know why I can't shut my eyes tonight.. well its very early Saturday morning already.. Maybe because there are so many things to do yet so little time (memang masa sangat mencemburui saya).. 

Need to force myself to sleep so I can wake early tomorrow.. good night guys :)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Auni with 'air kotak'..
While waiting for my friends at TPM yesterday, I bought dutch lady milk chocolate to drink.. This is what happen... 

My lil Auni try sikit and last2 jadi dia punya.. hehehe

a Sunny Friday morning..
Yes.. Its nice and sunny this morning.. The weather is just right for doing the laundry before 'riding' through another 'roller-coaster' weekend.. My lil Auni just fell asleep for her morning nap which she usually skip nowadays (penat semalam tak hilang lagi agaknye).. 

While waiting for the washing machine to do its part (untung sekarang ada mesin boleh membantu kite kan), I'll write this entry :p This is just the beginning of me writing less and less for my blog.. This week and next is the crucial days to get packing and start moving to a new place. Hope everything will go smoothly, Insya allah...

Good morning..
Assalamualaikum and good morning all.. alhamdulillah I'm still given the chance to live anothe day.. Its Friday again yet it felt like yesterday Friday came.. I have less than a week to pack and move to a rental house.. Unfortunately I didn't really start packing that much (-_-")

Really I need to start.. I need to move it.. move it.. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

At My Parents..
After done with my lil work at Technology Park Malaysia, me and lil Auni went to my parents house.. Auni enjoyed her ride in the LRT and watching the view along the way.. After her evening bath and a dose of 'susu', Auni still not asleep.. So I took her to the living room and watch tv..

Apparently she find the 'bulu' thing more amusing to play with... Dok sapu lantai and tv.. sangat la rajin pulak baby dara mama ni :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Babah's Day..
Wishing a very happy father's day aka Babah's day to my Hubby and all father, Babah, Ayah, Abi out there.. So Last Sunday the three of us went for a father's day dinner together :) 

Auni was forced to wake up since we want to have dinner outside :p

Slalu taknak tido awal pun tapi time nak kuar makan dan2 lil Auni tido awal.. ish2

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Preloved/Used baby Items..
These are some items I'm letting go.. Come and have a peep on all the items...


Size 1 (1 year old)
Let go RM8.00
Still in good condition

Size 80 (9-12 months)
Let go RM8.00
Still in good condition

Size 80 (9-12 months)
Let go RM8.00
Still in good condition






B01, B02, B03 and B04
Size 6 months
Let go RM 5.00
Still in good condition

Size 6-9 months
Let go RM 4.00
Still in good condition

Size S 
Let go RM 10.00
Still in good condition

2 piece clothes

Size 18-24 months
Let go RM 10.00
Still in good condition

Size S
Let go RM 10.00
Still in good condition


Size 2
Let go RM 10.00
Still in good condition


Size 18-24 months
Let go RM 2.00
Still in good condition
Never used

Tiru macam saya...
While waiting for Babah, me and Auni went in the games area .. Auni love the car games since she can get full control of the steering wheel.. Ni tiru gaya sapa lagi kalau bukan babahnye kan.. hehehe

Monday, June 18, 2012

Letting Go..
After looking through some of the stuff I kept since the past two years, I made up my mind to let go my precious eleven 'dulang hantaran'... Its still in good condition and I've used it once only.. well.. obviously la kan.. 

The retail price is RM30++ each tray and I would like to let go at RM20.00 each..

If you interested, just drop a comment at this entry 
or you can reach me at 016-6035440... TQ..


We kinda start packing our things yesterday evening.. Actually I don't really know where to start but half of my clothes are in the bag already.. There's so much stuff in the store that we only manage to look through it half way.. maybe not half (saje nak sedapkan hati sendiri).. 

Maybe just maybe I'll need to let go a few of my things..  (-_-") 

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thought of the day...


After Zuhur we went to a my childhood friend's sister wedding in Shah Alam.. As usual I'll be eating first while mr hubby hold and entertain lil Auni.. Luckily there's oranges so Auni ate oranges and watermelon as well as a few mouthful of rice from me.. Settle I makan then its mr hubby's turn to eat..

Since lil Auni saw so many other kids her age walking and running around, she's also eager to join in.. Ape lagi laju je nak turun and terus lari tak pandang belakang dah.. I'm also running around the wedding hall trying to keep up with one lil excited Auni..

Yang bestnye Auni nak jalan and lari atas red carpet je.. So dok lari sampai hujung then patah balik atas red carpet tu :p She's also attracted with the decorations in the hall.. Main cak2 between the deco with me :)

Okay.. bukan Auni sorang je main deco2 itu.. Most of the lil kids there also find the deco interesting and beautiful to play with.. So Auni main lari2 sampai babah nye kata its time to balik.. Not only I get to meet my childhood friend, Madihah and her family, I also had a good round of exercise in the wedding hall.. lol :)

Happy SUNday...
Assalamualaikum and Happy SUNday guys.. how's your Saturday? I have a very tiring saturday.. We spend the whole of Saturday morning searching for a rental house.. Meet up with one of the owner there... Somehow the owner and us have alot in common so there was a lot to talk about.. surprise2 :)

They have one beautiful daughter 2months older than lil Auni.. Its kinda cute to see them playing together without saying anything since both can't speak yet (cakap bahasa yang difahami orang dewasa cam kite).. 

So we made new friends eventhough we didn't manage to rent their house (dah ada orang lain book before us. Takde rezeki nak menyewa rumah mereka).. So our mission to finalize the house rental are delayed.. again.. Hope for more good news next week :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Its Saturday again..
Assalamualaikum and Good morning guys.. Are you up yet on this nice and beautiful Saturday morning.. Bak kata orang2 tua.. 'Jangan bangun lambat2 nanti rezeki tak masuk'.. Okay.. Have a good day everyone.. I know I will have a pack Saturday this week :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Lama Sudah..
It feels awhile since I last vacuum and mop the floor.. Lately I'm cope up with searching a rental house around Klang and tenant for my house that 24 hours a day goes by so fast..    

Before lil' Auni can walk I usually mop the house everyday so  that the floor will not be dusty when she's crawling around. After awhile it turns down to 3 to 4 times a week and now.. once a week aje.. adoi..

Mana tak nye.. Baru kuarkan vacuum, Auni dah start nangis.. Anak mama sorang ni takut dengan bunyi vaccum pulak :p Luckily she didn't crr for long.. Like today I manage to vacuum and mop successfully while Auni patiently wait for me to finish the chores (nangis tetap nangis bila nampak vacuum tapi yang penting she'd being patience kan).. Good girl anak mama :)

Let's Calculate..
Tetiba mau kira Body Mass Index also known as BMI lak kan... So I google and search for online BMI calculator.. Takde keje kan.. So the result is.. korang tak perlu la tau.. Segan la I..Anyway, you guys can try calculate your BMI too... 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Too Much of a Good Thing

‘Too much of a good thing may be bad'
As the old cliche' goes
So always do things in moderation
Just like The Lord of Heaven knows

The blessings of God are great
As anyone can clearly see
And when done in moderation
We all can live quite free

That's the common sense He gave us
Each and every one
So practice it in our own ways
And His blessings will fill our days

Now that does not mean to take
The middle of the road each time
That just means to do what's right
And give glory to His name

For one will get smashed standing
In the middle of the road
If one fails on which side to stand
At the very least when the Word is told

What's for lunch?
What are you guys having for lunch today? Is it fast food (McD, KFC,Pizza) again.. or mamak stall.. Well.. whatever you are having for lunch today make sure it is healthy for your balance diet okay.. Don't wait till you are sick then you want to take care of you health.. 

"Prevention are Better than Cure"

P.s: Nasihat daripada Nurse yang tak bertauliah :p
The Craze...

Bangun2 dari morning nap nak pakai headphone.. yes I repeat again.. The headphone.. Since yesterday Auni's craze over the earphone and she wore it the whole day.. With the wire dangling behind her while she walk around the house.. Macam2la anak mama sorang ni :) 

Thought of the day...
Each day

Morning walk..
Today me and lil Auni follow mr hubby to the lobby and say good bye from there.. I took Auni for a morning walk around the apartment.. She played at the playground for awhile then we went up to our home sweet home :)

Now my lil Auni is taking her morning nap.. Penat la tue pepagi jalan merata.. Lately Auni did not take her morning nap.. She's all energetic till evening. Sometimes she even sleep late at night.. memang 'bateri' sentiasa full. hehe..

Yesterday pictures- Auni just woke up from her beauty sleep :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Clean House..
Clean house at Astro 702 is on air... I like watching this program because it shows a team of house cleaner convincing a family to change the way they live. I mean.. how can you live in a pile of junk.. Its just madness.. They practically 'live' in this cluster which made the bedroom looks like a store.. 

its not easy to convince people to let go their things especially if that person is a collector. Even harder to change the way other people live and think.. Anyhow, its a success for the team!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a Surprise Visit..
Its been awhile since I meet up with my Uniten Bffs.. The last time I bumped into Mel in Alamanda with her parents and lil baby boy.. Yesterday I got a surprise visit from nieta.. sangat lama tidak ketemu.. 

We had lunch together and chatting away with whatever happen since we last met.. There's so much to talk about I think we need more than just a day to chat... betul tak nieta.. hehee.. Ci Auni pun babbling  to join the conversation.. Aunty nieta tak pahamla tapi layan kan jugak :p (well.. my lil Auni memang a talkative baby)..

Yang bestnye kami berdua terlelap tapi Auni still continue on playing sampaila malam.. Pecah rekod... Yesterday was one of the day Auni did not sleep till her bedtime..

Thought of the day...
Dont give up

Monday, June 11, 2012

Thought of the day...

This is Auni taking her own picture using laptop camera.. Sibuk nak buat semua sendiri and she's loving it :p

Good Morning!!
Assalamualaikum and good morning to all.. Its Monday already.. weekend do come so slow yet pass by so fast.. Don't you think so?! Well.. We need to make full use of it since you'll get 48 hours only right :p How's your weekend? did you guys do something out of the ordinary or its another boring weekend again.. 

For me.. I love weekend because I'll have the chance to meet up with my mum in law and my parents.. There's alot to talk and chat about eventhough nearly every weekend we meet up.. lil Auni especially love all the attention she'll get when she went to Opah's and Nenek's house :) Maklumla kat rumah sendiri ada Mama dia je kan.. Tak meriah and not as much attention she'll get as at Opah's and Nenek's.. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thought of the day...
Answer His call

a reminder to me and my Muslim Friends :)

Klang here We come..
Me and Mr hubby plan for house hunting at Klang area the whole of Saturday.. So.. early in the morning we set off to Klang (takla awal mana pun since lil Auni pun bangun lambat).. We manage to see a few apartment there.. The rate for rental was okay but we were hoping to get the nearest one to Mr hubby future office.. 

We went to the new shopping mall in Setia alam for a quick lunch.. The three of us were so hungry after the house hunting rush.. 

P.s: Sorry Mel tak sempat singgah and jenguk kat Meru.. Maybe next time :)