Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday, lunch hour..
Lunch hour on the first of Friday in Ramadhan.. Not much activity since I need to save my energy for the rest of the hours before the breaking of fast.. Its a bit quiet in the office since all the guys when out for Friday prayer and a few others are out too.. The time pass by so fast today.. 


After lunch there'll be around 3 more hours till home time.. and.. and.. weekend is around the corner.. Suka nye~ Can't wait to bring Auni jejalan.. She just love when someone bring her for a walk.. Nenek dia pun cakap.. "Auni ni kalau dah dapat jejalan tak mau nye kena pegang.. kalau boleh nak lari aje".. hehe... Lagi satu kalau jumpe kucing.. she'll make a sound konon nak panggil kucing tu but once the cat approach her, she'll run away.. That's my Auni.. sungguh mencuit hati :)

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