Monday, August 27, 2012

Yup.. Its Monday.. Luckily its my 2nd day working after the long Raya leave.. If not I'll be in Raya mood still (tanak mengaku I'm still in raya mood :p).. My weekend was fun.. My bff, Mel and her family came to our house.. Lama tak jumpe sangat la rindu my bffs.. 

Then my husband's family came to our house.. Memang rumah kami sungguh happening on Sunday with friend and family.. Lil Auni also enjoyed being around many people.. She's all cheerful and running around the house..

But when everyone went home Auni pun mula la nak nangis.. huhu.. Nak buat camne.. She's used to being around people since dalam pantang lagi... Suka orang melayan dia.. hehehe.. Tunggu weekend ye my lil girl.. nanti kite p beraya..

Saturday, August 25, 2012

1st Raya 2012...
This year is the 2nd Raya for my lil Auni..Last year she can crawl but this year she can walk already.. yeay!! Last year the three of us wore purple.. These are pics of lil Auni on the 1st of Raya in 2011... 

She can only wear her 'baju kebaya' up to noon only.. by then she already 'rimas' and ask to take the baju off.. hehehe..

As I've told you guys in my previous entry, this year the theme is chocolate for me hubby and lil Auni.. Presenting Auni on the 1st day of Raya... unfortunately it only last for 10 minutes since she 'rimas' by then.. hehehe.. So not many pic of Auni wearing her tudung... 

and pics yang ada pun mostly not clear sebab tak reti duduk diam..

Friday, August 24, 2012

Slow like Snail...
Today the time pass by soooo sloowwww... This morning my working mode is really high but as the time goes by my 'rajin'ness also getting lower... Since there's not many people in the office so its quite cold... 

Come on time.. go faster... I want to be home and continue with my Raya :p
Today I'm back to work.. 1st of the last day of work for this week.. I like.. You can't deny that Raya mood is still in the air... Me and hubby are working today so lil Auni is at her nenek's house.. Usually she will not cry when leaving her for work but since its been a long Raya holiday, today lil Auni cry... Nangis camne pun kena tinggal jugak ngan nenek.. hehehe.. 

There's not many people back to work yet.. most of them are taking one week Raya leave... and its Friday.. the lunch break is longer than other days.. So everyone are taking it easy :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

1st Raya 2011..
Last year was Auni's 1st Raya.. This year will be her 2nd Raya with us.. This is lil Auni with her baju kebaya last year.. Last year theme was purple with Auni and me wearing kebaya.. 

It only last for half day since she wanted it to be taken off.. Kalau boleh cakap sure she'll say "susahla nak merangkak pakai baju kebaya ni Mama".. hehehe..

This year both of us will be wearing the baju kurung and our theme this year is the color chocolate.. What's your baju raya color for this year? Sama cam kami kah..
Hope I will get to take lots of Raya pic this year ( tahun lepas syok beborak and makan tak sempat nak tangkap pics bebanyak)  :)

End of Friday..
Today me Hubby and lil Auni had char kuew tiaw for berbuka.. Alhamdulillah sedap jugak.. Auni siap mintak lagi.. Oh.. I didn't cook today.. Beli kat gerai je.. hehehe.. After berbuka usually I will spend time with Auni before she'll fall asleep.. Kami tengok tv sambil makan chocolate cadbury.. hehehe..

 Tomorrow insya allah will be the last day of fasting.. Agak sedih bulan Ramadhan hampir meninggalkan kite.. 

There's still a few things need to be done before going back to Penang for Raya.. Sekejap saja dah nak habis puasa dan dah nak raya.. can you imagine how fast time fly.. My lil Auni hari ni tido lambat sikit than usual.. but right now she's already in bed..

Thursday, August 16, 2012

One more Day...
Today is Thursday already.. and.. tomorrow is Friday.. one more day for work till Raya leave.. I'm really excited for this coming Raya leave.. This is the time to meet my relatives and friends... I love going to visit my relatives and friends especially during Raya and open house.. Its not that often you can meet and have a long conversation and just enjoy the time as it is.. 

This year is the 2nd Raya for lil Auni.. Now she can walk so wearing a 'baju kurung' will not be a stressful one for lil Auni.. Last year she wanted her baju kebaya to be taken off since she can't crawl as fast as usual :P Hope this year she'll keep her baju kurung on longer than last year..

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday is back.. My work are piling up already with the existing and the upcoming from my boss.. I'm in the learning process so I do work a bit slower than others (maybe much2 slower).. Need to pick up and learn faster.. Chaiyok2 ;)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Me and Hubby planned to have our sahur outside today.. lil Auni as usual will join us for sahur.. As 'peneman tegar' sahur, lil Auni will also have her sahur too.. That's the time she actually eat alot.. another time she really eat is during breaking fast... She would not eat much during the day (dah macam puasa lak).. 

Now she's already sound asleep continue where she left off before sahur :)

Scheduled Saturday..
On Saturday morning me hubby and lil Auni went out early to the workshop.. Its time for our car to be serviced for Raya long journey to Penang... Luckily we got to the workshop early or not we have to wait for the long.. long queue of cars (that's a no no for me coz lil Auni will get bored of waiting).. 

Even the not so long waiting for the car to be service makes lil Auni bored of sitting in the chair.. Auni patiently waited... 

and waited... 

and waited (dah start garu2 kepala dah)...

and waited (pulling her what's taking-so-long face)...

 Last2 terus mintak turun dari kerusi and terus lari2 sana sini.. Sorry no pic that time since I need to chase after her then.. hehehe..

Friday, August 10, 2012

At lunch break today I walked to the post office to renew my car license.. Its been awhile since I drive so I kinda forgot about my license.. There were so many people so I tunggu jugak since dah jalan dari office to the post office dengan niat nak renew license kan.. my turn was 1225 and the current number then was 1195.. Nak menunjukkan betapa ramai nye orang.. huhuhu..

While waiting for my turn I went to this shop which have alot of accessories such  as 'manik2'.. ramai jugak orang kat situ.. maklumla.. dah nak raya so ramai yang cari manik2 untuk letak kat baju2 raya mereka :) I didn't buy anything.. just 'cuci mata'..

Alhamdulillah I manage to renew my license and hurried back to office since its already 2pm by then...
Friday is here...
Don't you just love when Friday is here.. You'll know that weekend is around the corner.. Today I came to the office a little bit earlier than usual (konon nak datang awal tapi jadi lewat gak)... My lil Auni also woke up for sahur and I gave her an early morning shower before sending her to my mom's.. 

Today lil Auni wanted to wear babah's sunglasses.. From inside the car all the way to my mom's.. She even act cool when wearing it.. Pandai buat gaya2.. tiru sapa pun tak taula.. hehehe..

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Raya Deco..