Monday, August 27, 2012

Yup.. Its Monday.. Luckily its my 2nd day working after the long Raya leave.. If not I'll be in Raya mood still (tanak mengaku I'm still in raya mood :p).. My weekend was fun.. My bff, Mel and her family came to our house.. Lama tak jumpe sangat la rindu my bffs.. 

Then my husband's family came to our house.. Memang rumah kami sungguh happening on Sunday with friend and family.. Lil Auni also enjoyed being around many people.. She's all cheerful and running around the house..

But when everyone went home Auni pun mula la nak nangis.. huhu.. Nak buat camne.. She's used to being around people since dalam pantang lagi... Suka orang melayan dia.. hehehe.. Tunggu weekend ye my lil girl.. nanti kite p beraya..

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