Saturday, September 8, 2012

2 Weeks!!!
O.M.G.. Its already been 2 weeks since my last entry.. Lama betul.. That shows how fast the time flies.. Its been a super busy plus hectic weeks for me for the past 2 weeks.. I even lunch at the desk while doing work (gaya bunyi cam rajin sangat je kan.. tapi apekan daya, banyak keje.. hoho).. I'm still in the learning process and trying to absorb as much knowledge as possible (walaupun kekadang trasa cam kura2 je.. orang lain semua buat keje cepat je.. huhuhu).. Anyway, enough of me babbling about my working life.. 

Last week was an enjoying week since Friday is a public holiday, so three days I get to spend it with my hubby and lil Auni.. There was so many invitation for open house that we didn't manage to go all due to time.. Sorry ye kengkawan yang jemput tapi kami tak dapat datang.. Hope to meet you guys later..

On Saturday morning, the three of us had breakfast at KFC while waiting for the car to be serviced at the workshop. 

It was a long wait but luckily lil Auni can survive through it... Here's a few pics of lil Auni while eating.. Susah nak tangkap pic dia sebab ini budak tak reti duduk diam.. hehehe..