Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday.. We meet again...
Since Friday is a 2 hours break, so I can write something in my blog :) Kenapa tak keluar? SOOO... Lazy.. Lunch pun tapau je makan kat ofis. Awal2 dulu rajin p makan kt kedai but now I prefer to just tapau and spend my lunch hour in the office.. 

Today I left my handset in the car. So this entry would have no pic. Sorry guys. Now my lil' boy dah pandai merajuk.. lambat sikit buat susu, dia dah lari2 marajuk.. hahaha... so sweet.. tapi kekadang geram je mama nye kat dia... 

My lil' girl pulak always with her statement, she wants something like baju pink sebab pink untuk girl.. hehehe.. macam2 ragam anak2 mama ni.. She'll always asking what day is today sebab she's counting the day till saturday and sunday.. WEEKEND... alasan.. taska tutup so tak perlu p taska :pOkay.. 

Enough celoteh for today... till next time, or shall I say till next Friday, Insya allah... :)

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