Tuesday, November 11, 2014

It's Been Awhile..

 Assalamualaikum semua.. Yup2.. it's been awhile since my last entry.. Last year kot.. Memang lama betul.. And now I'm a mother of two already.. Yes.. Auni dah jadi kakak.. hohoho...

Memang masa sekarang ni cepat betul berlalu... From days turn into months.. then before you know it, its a year already.. It's a hectic day for me everyday.. tak menang tangan melayan my two darlings.. 

 Eh.. lupa lak kan.. Auni dapat a baby brother name 'Aariez Saifullah.. he's one year 3 months... dah setahun dah ye.. So.. here's Auni and 'Aariez not so latest pic (bukan senang nak amik gambar budak2 ni. Suka lari2 sana sini)...

 Auni Qistina..

and latest edition to our small family..

'Aariez Saifullah..

 That's all for today.. Break time pun dah habis.. Till then....

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