Sunday, June 17, 2012

After Zuhur we went to a my childhood friend's sister wedding in Shah Alam.. As usual I'll be eating first while mr hubby hold and entertain lil Auni.. Luckily there's oranges so Auni ate oranges and watermelon as well as a few mouthful of rice from me.. Settle I makan then its mr hubby's turn to eat..

Since lil Auni saw so many other kids her age walking and running around, she's also eager to join in.. Ape lagi laju je nak turun and terus lari tak pandang belakang dah.. I'm also running around the wedding hall trying to keep up with one lil excited Auni..

Yang bestnye Auni nak jalan and lari atas red carpet je.. So dok lari sampai hujung then patah balik atas red carpet tu :p She's also attracted with the decorations in the hall.. Main cak2 between the deco with me :)

Okay.. bukan Auni sorang je main deco2 itu.. Most of the lil kids there also find the deco interesting and beautiful to play with.. So Auni main lari2 sampai babah nye kata its time to balik.. Not only I get to meet my childhood friend, Madihah and her family, I also had a good round of exercise in the wedding hall.. lol :)


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