Friday, June 8, 2012

Take Five..
Usually I'll post word search for you guys to try out.. I think we can try out crossword once awhile. Let's try an easy ones first.. You can sharpen you english grammar too.. have fun!!

Crossword 1

1. Many children _____ their mother's hand when crossing the street.
3. May I ______ you a question?
5. I've just eaten, so I am _______ .
6. Be careful with that knife or you may _______ yourself.
7. Once _______ a time, there lived an old man.
9. The cat is ______ the chair.
10. Fish swims. Birds ________ .
11. A green light means go. A ______ light means stop.

1.He and _____ father were walking down the street.
2. I saw an apple _____ to the ground.
3. There are ______ two hundred people in that room.
4. He walked ______ of the house.
5. Please tell me a _______ joke.
6. I wish I _______ tennis.
8. Where ______ you yesterday?

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