Thursday, May 17, 2012

Imitation of Me?

To My Dear Hubby,
           Did you know what Jie Jie Auni did just now.. So cute.. She went to the iron board and sat in front of it. She lift the iron and buat gaya cam tengah ironing baju.. Nak video so you can see later but unfortunately my handphone out of battery :( Jie Jie keep on ironing 2 3 times.. People always says that toddler will imitate her parents or other people and that's so true..

                                                                                         your Wife <3


  1. auniiii... so sweet!!! bgs2! jd ank yg rajin ye!

    1. patut video kn tp hp hbs bateri lak.. mmg sibijik gaya org tgh iron baju.. siap letak iron kt tepi n gosok2 ironboard cm along slalu bt nk hilangkn kedut baju :p