Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lost in Thought..

After the presentation yesterday, words from the instructor keeps playing in my head. Why Malay have the highest rate of unemployment compared to Chinese and Indian? He said that everyone should consider being an entrepreneur. Its not only for you but for the good  of future generation. 

Some of the criteria to be an entrepreneur are you need to be self disciplinehard working, be able to take risk and be able to accept failure and learnt from it. In Malaysia there's a lot of opportunities to start a business but the awareness is so low. I don't think I even know there are such scheme to start a business provided by the government such as PROSPER, SUS and others... 

Maybe I should also consider being an entrepreneur... hehehe... before that I should think about what kinda business that I like to be involve in... Anyway... if you guys have ideas do drop comments.. thanks :) 

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