Friday, May 4, 2012

Its Friday...

Bismillah and greeting everyone..
This is my 1st entry for my blog.. I'm not sure if its a typical thing to introduce myself but I think maybe I'll do that in my second entry ( alasan sebab nak try cari idea). Maybe third entry ke :p 
Don't you guys think time flies so fast.. before u know it, its already friday... and... and... weekend is around da corner.. I like :) Today I don't have class so my lil princess is at home with me (Auni just woke up from her morning nap actually). Its been awhile since I stayed home with Auni alone.. Girl's little time together (Babah please jgn jeles kt kami ye).. well.. only Auni can be counted as girl.. tp takpela.. skali skali nak jadi Girl jugak kan.. 

Auni ( lastest pic tp bkn br bgn tido)

My baby girl dah start intai2 ape I buat kat laptop... So till my next entry... Got to go.. 

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